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Emma’s online coaching service offers world class instruction from anywhere in the world! Using Skillest's cutting-edge teaching platform, Emma provides detailed lessons and drills tailored to your game. Unlock your potential and take your golf game to the next level with online golf coaching services.

Services Available

Single Lessons 

Live Lessons (anywhere in world) 

Monthly Subscriptions

Data Anlysis Sessions

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Emma takes a holistic approach with her clientele to integrate the physical and psychological aspects of golf along with the technical skills required. All lessons will include the use of Emma’s personal Skillest teaching platform with amazing features.



Lesson Inclusions

Video Technology 

Trackman Technology

Detailed Lesson Notes & Video

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On Course Golf Lessons with Emma are the perfect way to improve your game and lower your scores. With a focus on course management and scoring mindset, Emma will help you learn the fundamentals of the game and how to apply them to the golf course. Play 9 or 18 with Emma today and see your game transform.

Lesson Inclusions

Detailed Lesson Notes & Video 

Game Report 

Online Swing Analysis via Skillest


Nelson L.

Face to Face & On Course Client

My confidence during lessons and on course play has significantly improved and she has instilled a strong sense of self-accountability for my game. 
I have developed the foundations to my game that has seen massive improvements to both my scoring and enjoyment of the game

Bradley H.

Face to face client

In our last 12 months of coaching, she has taken me from my best previous handicap of 6 down to 2 and advanced me even further by making me aware of what my tendencies are and how I would combat them, especially under pressure.


I highly recommend Emma if you are serious about improving your entire game and the way you approach practice.

Henry L.

Face to face & On Course Client

I recently had a 9-hole on-course lesson with Emma and have never felt better and more confident about my golfing game. Emma has an innate ability to teach which creates for an enjoyable and enriching learning environment. The lesson was extremely collaborative and revolved purely around what I had wanted to improve. On top of the lesson itself, Emma provided a detailed on-course report, not to mention more than a dozen videos throughout the round. What I appreciated most however, was the fact that Emma emphasises accountability. With Emma, it isn’t about having lessons week after week. Her emphasis on practice and being accountable for your own improvement is what makes her stand out compared to others. If you’re trying to find yourself a great coach, search no further.

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